Monday, November 30, 2009

Family Portraits!

Jacob & Sarah's family was my first in the new studio. We had a nasty rainy day so shooting outdoors was not ideal, and for the first time, I had an alternative! It was great to have a place for everyone to change clothes : )

We did a few family portraits, until we were sure we had a few with everyone looking happy, then it was on to the kiddos! After a quick clothing change (Sarah into her beautiful red Christmas dress, Jacob into a dashing sweater) the fun began. I was able to capture some really sweet moments as the kids played with one another, hugged, and showed off their little personalities.

Jacob likes to "show you his muscles" by flexing his arms and making this hilarious squinty-smiley face... I think I've included one of those shots in the blog. One of my favorites is the two kids hugging one another, but a close second is the one where Sarah looks like she's ready to attack Jacob-- she was just "shownig her muscles" but his little clueless face really makes it funny.

This family was an absolute joy to work with : )

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