Sunday, August 23, 2009

Owen, 16 Months

Owen is just a little cherub-faced ray-o-sunshine. Seriously... with these eyes and cheeks, how can you tell him no?!?!

We shot at his home in The Heights, both indoor and outdoor. I enjoyed playing "Wheeeere's Owen?" with him as I hid behind the grill on the patio, which brought plenty of smiles our way-- not to mention some really funny little curious looks. He found a leaf out there that garnered more attention that you'd ever think possible (and then tried to eat it), and climbed like a big boy up into the chair.

I had taken my favorite baby-whisperer Connor (he's 9) along to assist and help wrangle on this shoot, and Owen really didn't want him to leave! Connor picked him up for a hug, and owen latched on like a baby monkey. It was sooooooooo cuuuuuute!

Celina's Family

Celina was given a gift certificate for a portrait session, I was happy to meet her and photograph her family! We shot in Terry Hershey Park, off Memorial near Eldridge. It was a great sunny evening!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Heeeeeere's Hailey!

I posted some of gorgeous little Hailey a while back, but here's a little collage for even more sweetness:

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Brand New Madeline... 7 days old.

I recently shot Madeline's Mommy's maternity portraits, and was thrilled to be invited backto their home for her newborn session.

Still new and wrinkly and pink and snuggly, Madeline was bright-eyed and very awake when I arrived! After a few little snacks here and there to relax her, she finally nestled into my favorite baby-backdrop rug and fell into peaceful slumber... ahhhhh.

We took some beautiful first-family-portraits right there in the nursery, and several of the new baby with each parent. Grandma was also there, so we pulled her in for a few shots. Mom looked absolutely amazing, glowing, spectacular; you'd never guess she gave birth seven days ago.

On a personal note, my very, very favorite shot from the session is Madeline's father holding her and looking down, smiling at her. I know they will both cherish that photograph for years to come... and there will literally never be another time when they can have that particular moment, when she will fit into the palms of his hands like that, when he will stare into his future with such anticipation and wonder. It reminds me of a beautiful poem my Dad wrote for me when I was a baby-- noteworthy, as this session took place on the first anniversary of the day my father passed away. I couldn't have asked for more than celebrating new life on that day.

Does it get much cuter than this? Lindsay in her dance outfits...

Lindsay is a free-spirited and sassy little tap-and-ballet diva who recently had a recital... her Mommy wanted some beautiful pics of "Lulu" in her costumes. I met them at Granny's house, and the backyard was perfect for our shoot.

This little sweetie is my niece, and we were laughing ourselves silly during this session. After the backyard, we went inside and I shot some of her in the windowsill in my old bedroom (a place I used to sit frequently)... I am absolutely thrilled with the way those shots came out.

Without further ado, here she is... if you can make it through these pics without smiling even a little bit... well, you're much stronger than me!

Becca & Sergio & The Dogs in the park!

We shot Becca & Sergio's engagement portraits in the centrally-located and wildly popular Discovery Green park in Downtown Houston. They brought their dogs along for a fun and frisky shoot! Halfway through, Sergio's mom and brother kindly took over as dog-handlers and took the pups to play in the dog run area of the park.

Absolute lovebirds, it was no trouble getting these two to be sweet and kissy-kissy with one another. Lucky for me, it also wasn't too difficult to get them climbing and having fun on some of the sculptural and playground pieces throughout the park!

As summer evenings in Houston often are, it was hot and humid. Winding down, we wandered over to the ice cream trucks, and the two of them got some tasty treats.

Their wedding is next weekend, I can't wait!