Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New and exciting things are happening!

Well folks, it's been a long time coming...

I signed a lease yesterday on a studio/meeting space in Rice Village on Morningside (above Brian O'Neill's). I can hardly wait to get in there and get started making it all my own.

Not only will this put me closer to many of my current clients' homes for location shoots, it will make me more accessible for shorter studio sessions-- and allow me more flexibility within that space. I'm looking forward to being more centrally located for my wedding consults, and having lots of wall space to showcase my artwork and amazing clients!

For the boudoir and bridal clients, I'll be just a couple of blocks from MAC and Salon Beaute for your makeup and hairtyling needs. The word on the street is that Celebrity Cupcakes is setting up shop nearby as well... so bring in those birthday babies and let's let them smash up some cupcake during their session!

Also exciting, I will be neighbors with the fabulous Kelly Balfour of Eventology Weddings. She's setting up shop next door : )

Only time will tell, but I hope to begin booking studio sessions in the new space by early November. I hope to see all of your smiling faces!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Absolutely ADORABLE Abby : )

I met Abby's mom Allyson at the recent wedding of our mutual friend Michelle. We were seated at the same table, and she had complimented me on Michelle's bridal portraits... at some point during dinner, the sweetest little brown-eyed baby girl appeared on her lap (Abby had been sleeping in her carrier on the floor)! We talked more, enjoyed the wedding, and a few weeks later I heard from Mom... we scheduled a shoot at their home in Humble.

The rest is absolutely adorable history!

Abby's first birthday is coming up soon, so Allyson wanted to have a custom birthday invitation made with one of the images from our shoot. She dressed Abby in her birthday outfit-- an ensemble of onesie, tutu, and bloomers all coordinating and embroidered-- for some precious shots in the house and the backyard. I don't envy her, having to choose from all the little faces and expressions Abby showed us that day. It won't be easy, but whatever shot is chosen is sure to please everyone who opens their mail to see Abby's face!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Headed to Chicago next week...

So, I'm headed to Chicago next week. If you're in the area, and would like to schedule a portrait session (gee, would that be a coincidence or what?) Shoot me an e-mail! Arriving Monday afternoon, leaving Friday night... but that's all very flexible.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tracey Time!

I photographed the wedding of Tracey's parents a couple of years ago, so I was happy to hear from them when it was time for a baby and family session!

We met out at Challenger 7 Memorial Park for a morning shoot, and sweet little Tracey was in a fantastic mood. There was lots of laughing, and she really liked my just-her-size garden chair-- I love the way you can see her adorable baby feet dangling from it. She's at that cute age where those first two teeth begin to pop through on the bottom-- priceless laughing pics!

I can't wait to finish editing her session : )

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

MODEL UPDATE: Please raise your paw if interested...

DOGS: In 2010, I will be unveiling a new "pet project"!

Thanks so much to everyone-- my pet-model cup runneth over! I have received plenty of offers, and currently do not have a need for additional pets to volunteer for the project.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Gratuitous Bug-and-Flower Time!

After shooting a portrait session for Joey at the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens, I did what I love to do-- ran around the place scouting for pretty flowers, lovely bugs, and all things tiny to capture with my fabulously wonderful macro lens.

Sweet like candy to my soul is the macro. There are literally tiny things EVERYWHERE that we never get a chance to see up close, and the macro lens allows me to find those things and share their beauty with you. I squeal inside with delight when I see a butterfly swirling around a bright flowery bush, because I know that with enough patience, that bug will land and I can get a picture of its fantastic wings. Dragonflies and bumblebees are worthy targets as well... or any other bug I happen upon that doesn't scare the daylights out of me.

Don't even get me started on flowers. I wish I had 900 frames, and could line my walls with macro floral shots... but alas, I don't live alone, and not everyone has the high bright-popping-color-tolerance I do...

So I keep on snapping away, and rotate the prints out now and then. One of these days... ONE OF THESE DAYS... I will have a room devoted to nothing but the insanely fascinating artistry of nature. God's hands at work.

Sweet little Joey, 2 years

Joey is one of the babies I've been photographing since before he was born-- I had the privilege of photographing his Mommy's maternity portraits, and was invited back shortly after he was born for a truly beautiful mother-and-child session. As we were buzzing back and forth about all the cute pictures from this session, Joe's mom recalled how happy she was to have had that "lifestyle" session when he was first born... capturing the brand-new intimacy between the two of them. His tiny head in the palm of her hand, the way she looked down at him as he nursed, and all of the little details she had prepared for him in his nursery... even a hand-knitted animal from a dear friend.

It's so hard to believe that two years has passed already, and Joey is becoming a little boy. Walking (err, running), talking, obstinate, snuggly, curious, independent, angelic, handsome, joyful... he is ALL that being two is about.

Since his birth, Joe's family has moved to Fort Worth. I was happy that we were able to arrange for this session at the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens to capture the boy that this precious little guy is growing into! I'm also very happy that his Mommy and I have remained friends across the distance. Thank heaven for modern methods of communication!

While he definitely had his *moments* during this session (hot morning in the great outdoors), he also had some exquisitely precious moments. Enjoy : )

Fallon & JB's Wedding

Congratulations to Fallon & JB!!! Their wedding took place in the Chapel at the Fellowship of the Woodlands, and the reception at the Woodlands Resort and Conference Center.

It was like stepping into a scene from Steel Magnolias listening to this absolutely charming family (from Louisiana) talk all day and night! I really felt like family among them... instantly right at home, very comfortable. I'm so blessed to be able to work with such wonderful people. If only they had a family wedding every weekend, and I could see them over and over again...

The florals were a dazzling mix of purples, maroons, and greens... the bridesmaids were gowned in lilac and lime... the cake adorned with a big purple bow... and the reception venue had mauve up-lighting along the perimeter to give a posh and intimate feel to the party.

Guy and Connie, the parents of the bride, were even gracious enough to stay with me in the church parking lot after Fallon's bridal portrait session-- I had accidentally shut my trunk with the car keys inside, and they waited ever so patiently for AAA to come to my rescue. They still wanted me back for the wedding after that ; )

I can hardly wait to get started on their wedding album!