Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ann + Chad's Wedding

Ann & Chad's wedding ceremony was held at St. Helen's Church in Pearland-- and as luck would have it, their marriage prep class mentors were Carrie & Jerry, dear friends of mine!

St. Helen's has some gorgeous stained glass windows along the side walls, so I had to take advantage of them post-ceremony with the newlyweds... this resulted in what is probably one of my favorite shots EVER! Ann & Chad in front of the big blue window.

Their reception took place at Kim Son in the ballroom, which was decked from head to toe in sheer white draping and happy yellow lanterns! The cake was huge and beautiful, and the party was ON. After their "real" first dance, dinner, and the traditional rounds at the table in Vietnamese dress, Ann changed into a cocktail dress. She and Chad did a perfectly choreographed dance to "I've Had the Time of My Life" from Dirty Dancing, a la Baby and Johnny!!! It was sooooo fun- and done really well. Everyone loved it, and Chad even did the run-and-slide at the end.

Congratulations Ann & Chad! I don't want to say I pick favorites, but their ringbearer is definitely in my top 3 cutest ringbearers ever ; )

Elisa's Bridals at the San Luis

Now that Elisa is married, I can post her bridals!

Elisa + Peter's Wedding

Elisa and Peter were married at the San Luis Resort on Galveston Island! It was a beautiful outdoor ceremony at the gazebo followed by a beautifully-lit ballroom reception where guests partied into the evening.

From our first meeting, I felt right at home with Elisa's family, they were instantly like old friends.

There were a few very tearful moments laced throughout the celebration, as Elisa's late father was remembered by all. Her brother accompanied her down the aisle, and shared a special dance with her at the reception. When she was dressing before the ceremony, her sister Marcy presented Elisa with a small charm to pin inside her gown-- it was a little silver frame with a picture of Elisa and her father. He passed away a few years earlier but is still very much alive in their memories.

The ringbearers, adorable twin nephews of the bride, carried tiny fishing poles with rings attached to the end of the line. Peter is an avid fisherman, and Elisa wanted to include little details throughout to personalize the event for him... which you will see when you get down to the picture of the groom's cake, a giant fish!!! You may recall their engagement portraits, where Peter brought along some good-looking lures so we could showcase Elisa's beautiful engagement ring.

I placed one of Elisa's favorite bridal portraits at Peter's seat so he'd see it when he got to the reception, and he loved it! He was so proud to have her as his wife and Elisa was counting the days until she became Mrs. Landry.

Their videographer showed a sweet movie where Elisa and Peter talked about one another, how they met, the proposal, and what they loved most about each other... the crowd was captivated (even the antsy kids). Once the dancing began, it was a PARTY!; people were out on the floor all night long. After dinner the Funky Monkey Photobooth opened and Jack was busy as a bee, keeping the hilarious props organized and helping booth-goers with their instant prints. There was much sharing and laughing when everyone saw the silliness : )

I think it's safe to say that a good time was had by all... congratulations, Elisa & Peter!