Friday, December 11, 2009

2010 Rates are coming soon!

Just a quick note to remind everyone that the 2010 pricing increase will happen promptly on 1-1-10!

If you're looking to book a wedding or get a January portrait session in, you can save by booking now. I'll be doing away with pre-packaged wedding collections, and going to a strictly a la carte rate sheet.

Portrait and print prices will change as well, so be on the lookout!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Warning: Extreme Cuteness Ahead!

Yes, curls and dimples. Seriously, this is a cute kid.

I shot Gideon (age 2) in Challenger 7 Memorial Park on a cloudy blah kind of day (my favorite, of course). He was all over the place, running and playing, just being his cute little self for me and Mommy. This little guy is so very expressive! I loved when he made a funny face and squished his cheeks up with his chubby little hands... it reminded me of my stepson Connor when I met him (he had just turned 3), and how silly and happy-go-lucky he was.

I've known Gideon since birth, and it's been such a joy to watch him go from a roly poly little baby to this running, joyous little man. He'll be welcoming a baby sister into the world in 2010, and it will be great to watch him relate to her and step into his role as big brother.

Please enjoy the extreme cute!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Super-exciting headline news...

It snowed in Houston : ) We were all pretty excited about it, too. It is as blizzardy of weather as I've ever seen in real life... I was driving down the freeway with big clumps of snow hurtling toward me like some kind of wintery twilight zone! We actually had snow last year as well, but Jack and I were in Las Vegas and missed it.

I happened to be shuttling my mom to and fro, and snapped a few pics with my handy Sony Cybershot out the window of the car as we were driving through Hermann Park (otherwise I'd have done what every other native Houstonian does when the weather dips below 40 degrees-- stayed in my house and off the roads). It was crazy to see our Sam Houston statue all covered in snow!!!

I had to get a picture of the "monkey tree" in the wintery wonderland. There were four people playing around it, making snowballs for a snowball fight..the kind where everyone scrapes snow off the ground, makes ONE snowball, and you throw. Then it's over, of course, because there isn't really enough snow for more than one snowball per person ; )

It was really pretty magical to see a layer of white all over the place.... didn't last long, but WOW!

Now we're back to our regularly scheduled seventy degree mucky humidity, trying to figure out if we should just leave the heater off, or actually turn the AC on. Tomorrow it might be 50 degrees, and then the next day it could be 80 for all we know. We enjoy weather spontaneity here.

Megan & John's Engagement Portraits

Megan and John decided to be cute, colorful, and eclectic for their engagement portraits! We began our session along the pathway that runs down Heights Boulevard, made our way over to 19th Street, and then finished up at twilight in the Warehouse District downtown.

On 19th Street, we happened to come upon a cute little old car/truck thing that made for great eye candy-- and we lucked out as the owner approached and asked if the couple wanted to get into his Ford Ranchero! They did, and we got one of my favorite shots of the session, complete with a dashboard hula girl, awww yeah.

In the Warehouse District, we went to one of M&J's favorite places, the Last Concert Cafe, and then made our way through a few blocks nearby. There was a great Van-Gogh-Esque wall complete with Spongebob Squarepants lights... and a residence that reminded me of a Sesame Street set in the dark. Just after the sun had set, we were able to capture some of the beautiful blue of the twilight sky (many thanks to my lovely assistant Claire who was ever so patient that evening!).

This is definitely a spot I hope to revisit in the future.

Megan and John are getting married in a week and a half : ) I can't wait to share her incredibly beautiful bridal portraits with all of you once the wedding day has passed (can't ruin the big reveal now, can we folks?)!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Not your Momma's Maternity Portraits!

Donna is a colleague of mine, the creative mind behind Paper Dolls Photography. I was flattered when she asked if I'd be interested in shooting her maternity portraits!

She really went all out and had hair and makeup done-- snazzy wardrobe as well (heels! oh my, GREAT heels), but I suppose that's to be expected of someone who shoots boudoir on a regular basis... she knows what's fabulous. I think it's an incredibly meaningful gift to give your daughter... a little something for her to cherish years down the line if she should be blessed with a child of her own-- to know that Molly will perhaps see herself in her mother's eyes, and feel that same beauty and spirit within.

We shot in Donna's neighborhood park, on a wooded lot near her home, and in/around the house. The picturesque, gorgeous house. WOO HOO! Molly even has her own little Christmas tree at the foot of the stairs.

The resulting images are... well... not your mother's maternity portraits. Unless of course your mom climbed on playground equipment in espadrilles and a hot little lacy dress. I LOVE them. I'm even willing to attempt to block out the 5 seconds when I feared for my life and sanity as a giant wood spider landed on my arm (in the wooded lot) *shudder*. I'd do it all over again, even with the threat of giant friendly spiders.

Donna was beaming, confident, no-holds-barred adorable. Enjoy! Best wishes to you, Donna, through the remainder of the pregnancy... and thanks a million for the great bottle of wine : )