Sunday, December 5, 2010

Caroline, 4 days old

I arrived to little Caroline's house and was very pleasantly surprised!  She had just eaten and was in a spectacularly chill mood for me.  Newborns are pretty unpredictable, but we were able to get right down to business with Miss C : )  I found a crocheted blanket in the home and used a light yellow blanket underneath, assuring that we got some nice, neutral organic images before trying anything else.

I like to try and get the meat-and-potatoes shots before we try anything crazy, like getting babies to sleep in a football helmet, so that if the wheels start to fall off and we can't calm an infant down, we've at least got our sure shots for the day.  We didn't have to worry at all with Caroline... she was a 4 day old PRO!  Her daddy brought a helmet from work, and after stuffing a couple of receiving blankets in the bottom (and a muslin blankey to hide the beautiful safety warning tag) it was ready for action.

She settled right in and kept on sleeping.  I could not BELIEVE she was so comfy in there, but it was precious, and I'm so glad we were able to get those shots.  There's no telling how much longer she'll fit into a helmet!  I know Mommy & Daddy will treasure those images for years to come.

Caroline even stayed mellow long enough to get some great shots of her in a bright green blanket-- they'll match her stylish apple green & black/white nursery decor.  I knew I was on borrowed time with the last few, but so happy we were able to work a little of Mom's fun fabrics in to the session.  She finally decided she'd had enough after that, and Daddy whisked her away to soothe : )

Such a lucky little monkey!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Sweet Kendall!

I've gotten my hands on a new set of papers and embellishments for creating cute layouts (like the one in the previous blog), and since Kendall is one of my favorite mini-BFF's, I decided to play around with some of the images from her recent portrait session.  Voila!  Christmas card and a sweet little framable collage for her Mommy.

I cannot believe how big this little lady is getting... She's becoming more and more articulate and expressive every time I see her these days.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Morgan's Birth Announcement

Here's Morgan!  I opted for a front-and-back design this time, and since Morgan's family came into the studio for a portrait of everyone together... the front is a focus on the family and a teaser shot of Daddy holding the new baby's tiny head in is hands:

For the back side, it's gratuitous cute baby time!  Morgan's stats and a good sweet baby feet fix for everyone on the mailing list : )  I hope to post more images from Morgan's shoot one of these days... fall and holidays seems to always be the busiest time of year, when the poor blog gets neglected.  For now, enjoy more Morgan!