Monday, July 12, 2010

Sam and Hannah in Galveston

Sam and Hannah came alllll the way from Singapore for this very special portrait session! Okay, well they really came all the way from Singapore for a vacation with their family, but lucky for me, Mommy contacted me in advance to set up a portrait session for the kids while they were vacationing in Galveston.

We had sooo much fun racing and playing in the surf on the beach. Hannah and Sam ran and played, splished and splashed, providing endless entertainment for me and Mommy. After a while, cousins Reli and Ben joined us for a few shots with their Mommy and Daddy as well.

Sara & Will in Hermann Park

Sara and Will are getting married this August, so we recently shot their engagement portraits along North Boulevard and throughout Hermann Park.

We lucked out with a nice, cloudy day-- which really gives North Boulevard that foresty-fairyland look, you can see all of the climbing vines and ferns growing along the giant boughs of the oak trees. Sara was adorable in her navy dress with the red belt.

We moved along to Hermann Park for some shots by the water and among the sunflowers... and more big oak trees. I think my favorite from this session is the one where the couple is on the left, and you can see the reflecting pool, fountains, and Sam Houston statue on the right side... they're so happy and into one another amid the hustle and bustle. Ahhhhh. So sweet!

Thanks to Haley of En Vogue Events for the referrals of Sara and WIll : ) I'm looking forward to working with you on their wedding day.

The Lowe Family welcomes Lucy!

Lucy is the newest of three sisters! Her big sisters Lauren and Lindsey have been my little clients for quite some time now, I met Lindsey when she was two years old and had just moved to Houston with her family from Seattle. I was privileged to meet little miss Lauren when she was about three months old, so as you might imagine I was thrilled to hear that there had been another addition to the family! You may even see Lindsey and Lauren in the banner at the top of the blog-- one of their pics is still rotating (they're in pink and green polka dotted dresses).

We got a few family portraits, and some beautiful shots of Lucy and Lindsey. Lauren was having one of those "I'm not sure about you, Lady" kind of days that many of my preschool clients tend to have (I recall her older sister needing several handfuls of goldfish crackers and an episode of Clifford to warm up to me)... but I did manage to catch a beautifully "Lauren" shot of her peeking at me from behind a couch cushion. Sometimes the pictures that really remind us of a child's true personality are better than any forced smile we could coax. There's so much excitement welcoming a new baby into the family, but also quite a bit of transition as the former youngest learns to cope with not being the baby of the family anymore.

I capture what's happening... and sometimes, it's pouting : )

We shot in the family room upstairs in their home, a familiar location for me. After a bit of furniture rearranging, we cleared a sweet spot with lots of pretty light. Here re our results!

Leigha's Bridal Portraits

Leigha and her husband Michael renewed their vows recently for their fifth anniversary... and Leigha really went all out to plan a full-fledged wedding!

She even took bridal portraits : )

We shot in Downtown Galveston on a nice weekday evening, going to lots of my favorite places around The Strand. Lots of thanks to Leigha's coworker and wedding coordinator, Georgia, for all her help during the session!

As we were nearing the end of our time together, we made it back to our starting point near a really big art installation on the street-- a huge Mardi Gras arch, which was completely lit up. I pulled the flash off to the side so we could illuminate Leigha, but preserve the pretty lights behind her. It turned out great! It's one of those shots that gets a lot of "Is that real?" and reminds me of the electric light parade at Disney.

Lesley's Bridal Portraits at St. Paul's

We shot Lesley's bridals at the church where she was to be married, St. Paul's Methodist in Houston's Museum District.

She was quite the stunning vision when she walked into the sanctuary! Her Jenny Kim vintage-inspired gown sparkled eloquently, dripping in crystals, and her hair was tucked into a toussled low side-bun with long brown tendrils framing her face. Her look went so well with the beautiful antique mood of St. Paul's... and fit right in at the Crystal Ballroom this past weekend when she and Chad were married.

Kristin McShane of Keely Thorne Events was a great help during our bridal session (and at the wedding as well), it was a pleasure to work with her!

Now that the wedding has taken place, I can reveal her bridal portraits to all of you : ) We took advantage of all the gorgeous architecture and stained glass, incorporating them into the portraits.