Monday, July 12, 2010

Baby Noah, 5 days old

Noah was born on June 19, and five days later I made a little trip to his home in Galveston for his first family portraits : )

I was greeted excitedly by his pups, Bella and Lucy, as I entered with all my stuff. They sniffed and inspected it closely, and kept their eyes on me the whole time I was working with their new brother!

Mommy and Daddy were absolutely glowing with pride, and Grandma was there to help out. I located a room at the front of the house bathed in beautiful light where we shot most of the session. As with most newborn shoots, we didn't get away with it too easily. Noah did fuss a little, but Mommy fed and soothed him. He's just a perfect little angel of a boy, so snuggly soft and curled up tight!

We used some of my blankets, some of Noah's blankets, and some things around the house until we were finally able to make a little nest for him where he'd be happy and relaxed... the big furry pillows from the couch in the living room were a big hit, and yielded some of my favorite shots from the session.

I've also included a few shots of the nursery-- decorated with framed artwork that his daddy had created as a child. Notice the 4' tall A&M Corps of Cadets guy on the wall! WHOOP!

I'm looking forward to seeing the birth announcement, which will incorporate a couple of these shots. It's being designed by Hayley Hardcastle of Design House in Galveston.

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