Monday, July 12, 2010

Leigha's Bridal Portraits

Leigha and her husband Michael renewed their vows recently for their fifth anniversary... and Leigha really went all out to plan a full-fledged wedding!

She even took bridal portraits : )

We shot in Downtown Galveston on a nice weekday evening, going to lots of my favorite places around The Strand. Lots of thanks to Leigha's coworker and wedding coordinator, Georgia, for all her help during the session!

As we were nearing the end of our time together, we made it back to our starting point near a really big art installation on the street-- a huge Mardi Gras arch, which was completely lit up. I pulled the flash off to the side so we could illuminate Leigha, but preserve the pretty lights behind her. It turned out great! It's one of those shots that gets a lot of "Is that real?" and reminds me of the electric light parade at Disney.

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