Thursday, September 5, 2013

Pumpkin Days, Snow Days and Sleigh Days, OH MY!

New this season at Monkey Tree is a beautiful small private studio space in League City... just perfect for setting fun little themed scenes!  We also have some outside space to use when appropriate.

Our themed sets will be available for quick sessions, priced as follows:

  • 10 minute appointment, one 8x10"print (photographer's choice).... $40
  • 10 minute appointment, one digital image file.... $75
The images from these sessions will be posted to online galleries, should you wish to purchase additional digital files or prints.

You're absolutely welcome to purchase a longer session, please inquire if interested.

PUMPKIN DAYS (indoor)!
October 29 through November 3.  Bring your little pumpkins by in their fall colors or Halloween costumes!  Watch the blog and facebook page for previews of the Pumpkin Days set.

SNOW DAYS (indoor)!
December 1 through 7.  This will be a relatively clean-looking, white/gray set with lots of frosty feeling goodness.  No matter what the weather's doing outside, dress in your favorite Christmas pajamas, winter hat & mittens, snow boots, holiday best, or even a tacky Christmas sweater!  

SLEIGH DAYS (outdoor)!
December 1 through 7.  The elves are busy building our sleigh... we're so excited! It'll be sized just for kids and parked in a snowdrift.  

Holiday Card Sessions for 2013: Outdoor Family Shoots


We have two options for your family session this year, both ring in at $250.  We supply props, furniture, and most of the time... entertainment so the kiddos will look happy!  Our natural and architectural backdrops will mostly involve greenery and neutral colors, so choose any color scheme you'd like for your family's wardrobe.  Your session will last about 15-20 minutes.  The goal is to get one really great group shot, then if there's time we can look at individuals or groupings.

Print Option Package, choose one of the following:

-Fifty double-sided holiday cards (featuring your beautiful family pictures!) with return-addressed envelopes, delivered to your doorstep. Images will be posted online for card selection. You'll be able to purchase additional photographic prints through December 20.  Additional holiday card quantities are also available. Card production & shipping time is about 2 weeks, please keep this in mind when scheduling! Rush orders (3-4 day turnaround) will incur an extra fee of $100.


-$150 Credit toward photographic prints.  You'll be able to purchase additional photographic prints through December 19 via the online gallery.  Print orders placed by 12/19 will arrive in time for Christmas.

Digital Option Package:

All final, edited images with permission to make your own personal prints up to 8x12".  This option allows you to order your own holiday cards and make small and medium sized prints.  Larger sized prints should be ordered through Monkey Tree because they often need more in-depth editing. Digital files will be delivered online via


Central Houston: These sessions will be held at a private residence near the Museum District. Once booked, you will be provided with location specifics!

Saturday, October 19
Saturday, November 9
Sunday, November 10

Cypress Area: Location TBD
Sunday, October 13
Sunday, November 24

League City: Location TBD.  Most likely, Magnolia Creek private residence or Challenger Park.
Saturday, October 12
Sunday, October 20
Saturday, November 16
Sunday, November 17

League City sessions are also available by appointment.  These special Holiday Session prices are applicable in the League City/Friendswood area through December 18, 2013.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

dSLR Intro Classes June 22 at Rice Village Location

I've scheduled two sessions of the Digital SLR introduction class at the Tangley office (in Rice Village) on Saturday June 22.

Session 1:      9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
Session 2:      2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

The class lasts 4 hours, and the cost is $125 per person, must be paid in advance, and is non-refundable.

Each class is limited to four students.  To book, please e-mail with your class time preference and let me know how you'll be paying.  Cash, checks, PayPal, and credit card are accepted.  Session 1 and 2 are the same class, you only need to choose one class time.

You don't have to really know much about your camera when you show up for class-- this is an introductory crash course that will force you to put your fingers on those buttons, look through your manual, and ask the "stupid" questions!  You've invested in this equipment that holds so much possibility.  Tap into the camera's brain, learn how it thinks, and find out how to make the camera capture what you see : )

We'll go over the basics, like what all the buttons mean.  What the different shooting modes are.  Should you shoot in manual?  Will you get a medal for shooting in manual vs. other camera modes? What's "white balance", and why do you care?  What lens should you use to shoot ________?  How do you get that pretty artsy blurry background look?  Do you need an external flash for your camera?

We will also cover some posing/shooting tips and tricks that will simply help you make great choices when you're on the go and trying to be awesome.  We'll talk about light, why it's important, and how to find the right kind.

It's truly YOUR time to ask questions, get to know your equipment, and think about how you want to use that spectacular camera in the future.  We usually have lots of, "OH!  That's what that means!" and "So... I've been doing this wrong the whole time?" moments.

If this scatterbrained artist learned how to make the cameras work for me, you can do it too.  I'm here to help : )

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Mackenzie turns one!

Mackenzie is the daughter of two very dear friends.  I shot Mom and Dad's wedding a few years back, then sweet baby Mackenzie's newborn portraits... she came along at a very difficult time in my life, as I was losing my mom to metastatic cancer.  Knowing Alan and Emily's little blessing had finally arrived, seeing them as new parents... it was really great to have that precious ray of sunshine in front of me, to see that new little family just beaming.

It's so hard to believe it's been a whole year, but as she grows, little M is the most beautiful combination of her mommy and daddy.  It's like looking both of them right square in the face. The amazing circle of life in all its glory : )

She is one happy, chilled out little lady.

My favorite... such a sweet face!

Here's a lovely little blast from the past... 2008, just minutes after Emily and Alan became husband and wife.  I didn't have a fancy logo watermark back then ; )

Sweet Baby Caroline

Caroline was my little guinea pig-- first newborn shoot in my new home studio... a.k.a. the living room.  I moved in with all this space that could be designated as a studio, and quickly found that day after day, the living room gets the most beautiful ethereal light.  Luckily it's pretty easy to rearrange to accommodate my infant setup, and hey... bonus, there's plenty of loungey furniture for Mommy and Daddy.

Caroline and her parents came over, and sure enough... at 10 in the morning it went pitch black outside and poured rain like a hurricane.  There went our natural light!  No one was going anywhere in that ridiculous stormy weather, so we made the best of it, dragging lights in from all over the house.  Caroline was calm and snoozy, all curled up just like I like my newborns!  Despite our less than stellar light, we got some absolutely angelic shots of this precious bundle.

At the very end of the session, we were able to take our operation out back for some lovely vintage-doll-carraige shots.  All in all, I'd say, success!

With a nursery done up in owls, there was no doubt we'd be using my sweet little owl hat for this shoot.

Courtney: Cap & Gown!

Courtney's cap and gown weren't in when we shot her first round of senior portraits, so she stopped by for a few more.  FUN!

Kacy & Tyler's Hill Country Wedding

Rancho Mirando, situated atop the "Devil's Backbone" ridge in the Texas Hill Country, set the stage for Kacy & Tyler's laid-back vintage-inspired "yellow and burlap" wedding.  Everyone had such a wonderful time!  From the breathtaking views at the guest house to the ambiance and atmosphere in the reception hall, this weekend was absolutely perfect, and everything they could have wished for.

Kacy's "something blue" was a small blue glitter heart on her wrist.

The fun never


Did I mention the breathtaking hill country views?

Instead of wedding cake... Amy's Ice Cream!  Maple Bacon flavored.