Thursday, May 30, 2013

Mackenzie turns one!

Mackenzie is the daughter of two very dear friends.  I shot Mom and Dad's wedding a few years back, then sweet baby Mackenzie's newborn portraits... she came along at a very difficult time in my life, as I was losing my mom to metastatic cancer.  Knowing Alan and Emily's little blessing had finally arrived, seeing them as new parents... it was really great to have that precious ray of sunshine in front of me, to see that new little family just beaming.

It's so hard to believe it's been a whole year, but as she grows, little M is the most beautiful combination of her mommy and daddy.  It's like looking both of them right square in the face. The amazing circle of life in all its glory : )

She is one happy, chilled out little lady.

My favorite... such a sweet face!

Here's a lovely little blast from the past... 2008, just minutes after Emily and Alan became husband and wife.  I didn't have a fancy logo watermark back then ; )


canvas print said...

brilliant photos. perfect for the 1st birthday. great job.

Tim Cray said...

SO cute baby ! The couple looks so beautiful , gorgeous photography .