Monday, November 30, 2009

Family Portraits!

Jacob & Sarah's family was my first in the new studio. We had a nasty rainy day so shooting outdoors was not ideal, and for the first time, I had an alternative! It was great to have a place for everyone to change clothes : )

We did a few family portraits, until we were sure we had a few with everyone looking happy, then it was on to the kiddos! After a quick clothing change (Sarah into her beautiful red Christmas dress, Jacob into a dashing sweater) the fun began. I was able to capture some really sweet moments as the kids played with one another, hugged, and showed off their little personalities.

Jacob likes to "show you his muscles" by flexing his arms and making this hilarious squinty-smiley face... I think I've included one of those shots in the blog. One of my favorites is the two kids hugging one another, but a close second is the one where Sarah looks like she's ready to attack Jacob-- she was just "shownig her muscles" but his little clueless face really makes it funny.

This family was an absolute joy to work with : )

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Mary & Filip's Wedding

Mary and Filip were married at the incredibly beautiful Christ Church Cathedral downtown, with a reception following at the new Saint Arnold's Brewery location in the warehouse district.

They wrapped up the evening's festivities in a special section reserved just for their party at the Flying Saucer!

Barrett and his family

Barrett is an absolute DOLL! His mommy received a gift certificate from a dear friend at her baby shower, and was finally ready for he shoot now that her little man is sitting up.

He is the essence of wide-eyed wonder... all of those little baby expressions came forth in our session. He was absolutely mesmerized by my jingle-bells, and happy to roll around, pull up on everything in sight, and even give us a classic Cabbage Patch Kid face

Daddy arrived home from work in time for us to get some intimate family shots right there in the living room : )

Fran, Caroline, and Family

I met Fran years when I was just starting my business, she was one of my very first bridal portrait clients. Shortly after she was married her husband was transferred out of state, so I was surprised to hear from her a few months ago.

Fran's grandmother had recently taken ill, and since Fran has a baby daughter she wanted to take advantage of the opportunity for a four-generation portrait before too much more time passed.

Because her grandmother's health had declined, the family was not particularly interested in a portrait of the ladies' faces, but instead a portrait of the four generations of hands. All of the ladies wore their wedding rings with the exception of baby Caroline, who wore a special ring that had belonged to her mother as a child. The portrait turned out beautifully, despite Caroline's squirming.

Afterward, there were of course some portraits of little Miss Caroline in all her toddling glory! I arrived as she was getting a bath, so I took the opportunity to snap a quick shot of her in Grandma's kitchen sink... because everyone should have one of those.

I received word from Fran a few weeks after the shoot that her grandma had passed away. I feel so very blessed to have captured this family's legacy in time. May she rest in peace, and may Caroline's youth and joy bring comfort to the family at this difficult time.