Saturday, November 28, 2009

Fran, Caroline, and Family

I met Fran years when I was just starting my business, she was one of my very first bridal portrait clients. Shortly after she was married her husband was transferred out of state, so I was surprised to hear from her a few months ago.

Fran's grandmother had recently taken ill, and since Fran has a baby daughter she wanted to take advantage of the opportunity for a four-generation portrait before too much more time passed.

Because her grandmother's health had declined, the family was not particularly interested in a portrait of the ladies' faces, but instead a portrait of the four generations of hands. All of the ladies wore their wedding rings with the exception of baby Caroline, who wore a special ring that had belonged to her mother as a child. The portrait turned out beautifully, despite Caroline's squirming.

Afterward, there were of course some portraits of little Miss Caroline in all her toddling glory! I arrived as she was getting a bath, so I took the opportunity to snap a quick shot of her in Grandma's kitchen sink... because everyone should have one of those.

I received word from Fran a few weeks after the shoot that her grandma had passed away. I feel so very blessed to have captured this family's legacy in time. May she rest in peace, and may Caroline's youth and joy bring comfort to the family at this difficult time.


Fran said...

I'm honored to have made your blog! I can't wait to give a bunch of the pictures of Caroline as Christmas gifts. Caroline absolutely adored you!!! Thank you for doing such a such a beautiful job on the hands picture. My mom and I will treasure it always...


Lawfrog said...

I absolutely love that Fran and her family took the opportunity to have a four-generation family photo. Those are so special and they mean so much to forthcoming generations. Wonderful!!