Saturday, November 28, 2009

First try in the new studio!

Well, now that I'm in this fabulous new place, I decided it might be high time to actually try and photograph someone in it! Kendall, who has been a client of mine since birth, was absolutely first choice because I usually know how to push her buttons, and she's such an expressive little monkey. Her mom's office is also right next to mine, so we see each other often. At 3 1/2, she's at that wonderfully goofy and unpredictable age.

At one point Kendall got up on the couch and began telling me a story-- using her hands and really getting into it. Later, she gleefully conversed with me and said (in her best lady-talk voice), "Evewy time I come to my mommy's office, EVEWY SINGLE TIME, I love Tay-tee!"

Tay-tee is me. *awwwwww*

We did some jumping, some spinning, some jumping on the couch, some lying on the floor, some right-side-up and some upside down. I was happy that we got to try out one of the blue brocade print antique chairs-- one of my true splurges in decorating the space.

Good job Kendall!

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