Saturday, November 28, 2009

Susan & Buddy's Engagement Portraits

I've photographed two of Susan's nephews... Susan's sister and brother-in-law, and Susan was a bridesmaid in Marcie & Ed's wedding earlier this year (Buddy was also a groomsman). I'm so excited that in January it will be Susan & Buddy's turn to tie the knot and be the center of attention!

Their engagement portrait shoot was somewhat of a challenge... their fantastic photographer scheduled them without taking daylight savings time into account on a dark and cloudy day, so by the time we got Downtown from having been at the WIlliams Tower Waterwall, well... we were out of light.

We rescheduled to finish the rest of the shoot on another day-- and what did we get that day? RAIN! Luckily they were troopers, and we completed the Downtown portion of our shoot (rainy day, we practically had Downtown to ourselves). Cloudy, rainy days give us the benefit of soft, diffused light-- perfect for shooting : )

I'm hoping that their rain-karma will be better on the wedding day, and that they have beautiful happy clear blue skies. We shoot Susan's bridal portraits this coming week at The Parador, so I'm also hoping we have at least a little light coming in the windows (not to worry, I"m packing plenty of my own light!).

I played a little with textures on a few of the images, just to add a little extra drama.

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Marianne said...

Wow!! Great pics!!!