Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Ashley is getting married next weekend, and wanted to squeeze in a bridal portrait session before it got to be too late... so I made a little room for her during the Boudoir Weekend shoot, and we shot in the fancy-schmancy hotel!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Beach Blessing... Renewal of Vows

Heather & Dave reside just outside Chicago, and had a simple wedding ceremony there this past April. They took a delayed honeymoon to Galveston (before Ike, thankfully!) in July and had a lovely ceremony on the beach to bless their marriage. I was privileged to be their photographer of choice for the ceremony, which was presided over by John Bostock, the "Island Minister", whose soothing British accent and easygoing temprament fit perfectly with the calm surroundings. I cried a little... he had some very touching reflections on marriage and life, and related them to the sea.

We shot some fun, romantic couples portraits afterward-- so very smiley and kissy, these two, without my even having to ask. Heather and Dave each have a simple tattoo of their wedding date from this past April, and found out shortly before leaving for their trip that they're expecting a baby.

Congratulations, both of you-- and I hope that somehow, somewhere, our paths cross again.

Aiden & His Family...

Aiden is three weeks old, and already hamming it up for the camera.

We shot his infant portraits in the home, utilizing only the natural light coming in through the windows. Mom and Dad were wonderful and glowing, so happy to be new parents... it was absolutely precious. They fed, soothed, and just loved on him; allowing me to capture some sweet candid family moments.

Before Aiden came along there were already two babies in the family-- two furry little sweethearts that welcomed me with plenty of sniffing and tail-wagging. I managed to snap a few shots of the doggies throughout our session and couldn't resist posting just one of Harley (who loves the camera, by the way) and her cute little flopped-back ear.