Sunday, June 8, 2008

Alan & Emily

Alan and Emily were married at Central Christian Church in Galveston, with their reception at the historic Ashton Villa.

Alan and I go waaaay back-- we graduated college and moved to Houston at the same time (Alan from Tulane, me from Texas A&M). We saw a lot of concerts together, palled around at Astros and Aeros games, and helped one another out whenever help was needed. He's remained in my close circle of friends, and we couldn't have been happier when he started bringing Emily around.

It's a daunting yet honorable task when a close friend hires you to photograph their wedding... it's even more of a daunting task when that friend has a background in photography and you're hoping to meet his expectations. My assistant Karen did an amazing job taking over the reigns once the reception started-- so that my husband and I were able to enjoy the festivities as guests. She caught a particularly wonderful shot after Alan's dance with his mother-- he and Mom wrapped up the dance and then headed over toward Alan's father, who had removed his glasses to wipe tears from his eyes... and in the background of the image, you can see Emily's friends gathered around her, congratualting her.

Emily was truly the picture of sweet, composed, bridal beauty on her wedding day. I'm so proud of Alan for recognizing how special and beautiful she is, and for behaving well enough over the years to convince her that marrying him was a good idea ;)

We had SO much fun at the reception-- we were greeted outdoors with fresh Mojitos, treated to an extravagantly delicious dinner (catering by An Affair Extraordinare), served some of the best wedding cake I have ever eaten (by Who Made the Cake), and then danced the night away to live music from Molly and the Ringwalds, an 80's cover band. Once again, Kelly with Eventology Weddings was the coordinator, and she did a bang-up job of keeping everything flowing smoothly.

For the Love of Shoes...

Ohhhhh shoes. Need I say more?

Here are some of my favorites... all of them belong to my brides, with the exception of the natural leather ones-- those belonged to a groom!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I can hardly believe she's 2!

This is my little friend Kendall, who recently celebrated her second birthday. I like to think that in some small, cosmic way I'm responsible for the insane cuteness... since I introduced her mom and dad to one another back in college.

Luckily I get to capture the cuteness on a regular basis! She was not in the best of fabulous moods on the day we decided to shoot, but we turned up with lots of two-year-old expressions and even some cute temper tantrum moments. With the help of a giant lollipop, I'm calling it an overall success.