Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Nancy & Bruce's Beautiful Family

First of all, I apologize for having not blogged in a coon's age!  As many of you know, my mom passed away in May and her road to Heaven was... long.  Kind of like getting stuck in customs or having flights canceled repeatedly, as she was in end-sage metastatic cancer.  The last 6-8 months have been an incredibly painful time for me personally.

I was able to meet with this lovely family (they're old friends, fantastic people in general) and do this shoot because I was helping my mom, and happened to be in Cypress where the cutie pies all live.  After a long day of dealing with chemo and drugs and trying to make my Mom feel good, I met up with Nancy, Bruce, Jess, Jason, Joe, Jocelyn, and the fabulous Miss Emilie.  Emilie doesn't live in Texas, but I have photographed her a few times before when she's been in spending time with her grandparents and Aunt Jess.  She evidently informed her dad that she was going to have her picture taken "by a VERY famous photographer".

: )  It's the little things.

They were a full-o-life, happy skippy bunch.  What a way to end a long day!!!

As things often happen without notice, I'd begun working on these images the night before Mom died.  It was admittedly very emotional each time I'd pull them up to work on them-- Nancy and the family have my accolades for their kindness and patience as I've worked through my grief.  They're no stranger to recent loss.

Without further ado, here they are!  I dare you not to smile ; )