Saturday, November 28, 2009

Mia, Ava, and Andrew: Triplets turning one

Mia, Ava, and Andrew turned one recently, and I traveled to their home in Cypress for a special birthday session!

Initially, no one was really in the mood. Mom, Dad, and Grandma worked hard to get these little monkeys to buck up and get happy! We had dad running circles around the yard, Grandma chirping a little toy bird, and everyone making noises and being silly. Multiples can certainly be a challenge, but teamwork pays off.

Nature even lent a hand, as the kids were totally in awe of a flock of birds flying overhead.

Surprisingly enough, we were able to get everyone looking one direction and not crying for a full family session!

After a quick snack, the babies had a wardrobe change into their birthday outfits-- three peas in a pod was the theme-- the ladies had lovely green tutus and Andrew's matching shirt was paired with jeans.

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