Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Bicycles on the Beach with Laura Beth & David


I love when I'm meeting with a bride, and we're talking about how we can do engagement portraits and incorporate my awesome aqua beach cruiser bicycle. Then she hires me. Then we make the bicycle portrait wishes come true : )

That's how it happened with Laura Beth and her fiance David in Galveston on a bright and happy Sunday morning. She showed up in this flirty little yellow dress (her wedding decor will incorporate marigold and pewter) and they even managed to find another blue cruiser bike for David to ride! We threw everything in my husband's truck and headed down to the island. These two were great sports as I drove around prospecting for great shot-spots. They'd jump out whenever I asked them to, and we all three totally laughed the morning away during this session... mainly because laughing is how you make it work when you're trying to ride a bicycle in a dress and heels and it's windy.

I should also mention the technical difficulty in getting two people to ride past you, on bikes, at the same time, with just the right spacing between them, and both people looking at you-- and not falling off the bikes or running over one another. Oh and not covering up the "save the date" sign, or whacking the other person with it while holding it and steering a bike.

We didn't use stunt doubles, I swear ; )

We finished up at the beach for a little spashin' fun in the sun. I'm really looking forward to their wedding at The Parador and the cute little bicycle centerpieces!

I received their save-the-date postcard in the mail one day and it was really WOW factor... Laura Beth had used the image I shot while lying on the ground (you can see the bike wheels really big) and the colors popped with the sky so well. It's the last image on this blog post, and I love it!


Christine said...

Their Save the Date sign is the BEST! And I love the photo of them with their bikes on the Seawall. So awesome!

Sandy Ervin said...

My favorite engagement shoot ever! I didn't think anything could surpass my love of the wall at Discovery green, but this has!

ME! said...

Thanks ladies! I'm excited to see what kind of cool creative things Laura Beth has in store for the wedding : )