Monday, July 12, 2010

Tricia + Jeremy's Wedding

Tricia and Jeremy were married in a beautifully intimate ceremony at the home of Tricia's parents in The Woodlands. While I only covered for a short time, it was fun to get to know everyone. I arrived to find Tricia getting ready, and helping her almost-stepdaughter Skylar with some hair-curling and nail-painting. The girls were primping... and of course the boys were ready and waiting.

As family began to arrive and we crossed fingers hoping for the rain to clear, an executive decision was made to move the ceremony from the green, lush, beautiful backyard into the covered area on the side of the home. It was just tooo rainy! Even when it did stop, there were still droplets falling from the trees. The transition was made and the ceremony began, as Tricia entered on the arm of her father welcomed by a host of smiles and the sounds of an acoustic guitar.

In addition to blessing their union as husband and wife, their minister also blessed them as a family-- Tricia and Jeremy have a new baby named Deagan, and Tricia was becoming stepmother to Jeremy's son Spencer and daughter Skylar. Tricia reminded me a lot of myself, so eager to become a family through marriage and finally be a stepmother to her husband's children. I remember how special our wedding day was, when we finally officially became a family : )

I'd like to thank my sweet friend Ren for sending Tricia my way!

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Christi said...

I love these, especially the last one where you can see her tattoo.