Friday, December 4, 2009

Not your Momma's Maternity Portraits!

Donna is a colleague of mine, the creative mind behind Paper Dolls Photography. I was flattered when she asked if I'd be interested in shooting her maternity portraits!

She really went all out and had hair and makeup done-- snazzy wardrobe as well (heels! oh my, GREAT heels), but I suppose that's to be expected of someone who shoots boudoir on a regular basis... she knows what's fabulous. I think it's an incredibly meaningful gift to give your daughter... a little something for her to cherish years down the line if she should be blessed with a child of her own-- to know that Molly will perhaps see herself in her mother's eyes, and feel that same beauty and spirit within.

We shot in Donna's neighborhood park, on a wooded lot near her home, and in/around the house. The picturesque, gorgeous house. WOO HOO! Molly even has her own little Christmas tree at the foot of the stairs.

The resulting images are... well... not your mother's maternity portraits. Unless of course your mom climbed on playground equipment in espadrilles and a hot little lacy dress. I LOVE them. I'm even willing to attempt to block out the 5 seconds when I feared for my life and sanity as a giant wood spider landed on my arm (in the wooded lot) *shudder*. I'd do it all over again, even with the threat of giant friendly spiders.

Donna was beaming, confident, no-holds-barred adorable. Enjoy! Best wishes to you, Donna, through the remainder of the pregnancy... and thanks a million for the great bottle of wine : )


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Great lighting! Love her necklace with the lace dress!

Christine said...

Awwww, look at Hot Momma Donna! How *fabulous*! I just love, love, love all of these!