Tuesday, May 11, 2010

ENTER THE CONTEST! Show off your mad photo skillz and adorable children : )

This one's for all you people out there who take beautiful pictures, but aren't professionals. Send me your favorite image of a child! I'll choose my top ten faves and post them to the blog... and then the fun begins! The general public will vote for their favorite, and the winner will receive...

drumroll please...

A portrait session with me : ) Not to mention a beautiful metal or canvas wall print featuring the image of your choice from the session. OOH! And bragging rights. If you're super nice I'll even throw in a DVD slideshow!

Retail value of this fantastic prize package is over $1000 (but really, can you put a dollar value on braggin' rights?), so don't hold back. PARTICIPATE!


1. Choose your favorite image of a child (must be a photo that you took), resize it to approximately 400x600 pixels, and e-mail the file (or the link, if you have it posted to the internet somewhere) to

ONE entry per person. Anyone entering multiple images will be immediately disqualified. Entries must be received by May 31 at midnight.

The subject line of your e-mail should be your full name.

The body of your e-mail should contain ONLY the following information:

-Your full name
- Your daytime phone number
- Your e-mail address
- Your birthdate, including year (must be 18 to enter)
- Your mailing address
- Your photograph subject's full name and birthdate
- Type of camera used to shoot the image
- Contact information (phone, e-mail, mailing address) for the photograph subject's parent, if the subject isn't your child.

You'll get an auto-reply letting you know that your e-mail made its way to the inbox.

2. Finalists will have their images posted to this blog on June 1, at approximately noon. I'll personally choose the finalists based on composition, lighting, and basic portrait do's and don'ts. This isn't about how cute your kiddo is, it's about how great the picture is! The general public will vote for their favorite, and voting will close on Monday, June 7 at noon (or when we reach 1000 total votes, whichever comes first).

3. The winner will be announced on June 8 at noon! HOORAY!!!


1. There will be no whining or bugging. Whining or bugging will result in immediate disqualification! I will not field phone calls regarding this contest, as it will be handled strictly via e-mail and there won't be communication unless you are a winner.

2. This must be a picture taken by you, personally.

3. You absolutely must be an amateur. If you've started a photography business or routinely charge others for photography services, you can't enter.

4. You must allow me to post your entry image to this blog, to the Monkey Tree Photography Facebook page, to Twitter, or to any other public domain I choose for promotional purposes. If the child in the image isn't yours, you'll need to provide the contact information for that child's parent so that I can get permission to post the images to the internet.

5. I love my family and my BFF's, but you can't enter. It's not fair. I can't choose fairly that way! If we're closely related or have lunch/drinks on a regular basis, sorry Charlies, but you're out.

6. You need to be 18 to enter. If you're under 18, please have your parent enter your image, stating that they're entering on your behalf, because you're just that awesome and really want to participate.

7. The prize for the winner is a children's photo session by me, Kasey Marsh, and is subject to availability. It will need to take place within Loop 610 (can be studio or location shoot) on a weekday during the month of July, and will last approximately one hour. You'll then schedule a private screening time for your images, meet me at the studio for image review, and choose your wall print! There is no cash value for this prize. It cannot be redeemed for any cash value, transferred to any other person, or held past July 31, 2010. WInner agrees to respect my artistic manipulation of all images.

8. There is no monetary compensation to any participant of this contest. I may have mentioned that before, but I just wanted to be clear : )


Anonymous said...

If number 5 disqualifies us, can we still send you pictures just to make you smile? :)


Anonymous said...

Emailed a submission. No auto-reply received. Just wanted to let you know. Don't want to re-submit and automatically get disqualified! :-)

Anonymous said...

If you are Ann or Michelle, Anonymous, it's been received. Maybe the reply went to spam?