Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Caroline, Ten Days Old

Caroline was ten days old when I visited her home for a portrait session... ten days' worth of little tiny perfect sweetness : )

Her Mommy and Daddy were looking spectacular for parents of a newborn! I dug right in, found some nice light in the bedroom, and got down to business. At first, Caroline was very interested in the goings-on and just really did not want to close her little eyes for us... but eventually she found her happy place and dozed off.

I photographed her on a special blanket made by Grandma, and in several cute little headbands that her Mommy had on hand. The whole family did a wonderful job, and I got some really adorable "first" family portraits. I also shot Caroline's nursery, since her parents worked so hard to make it just perfect for her. One day she can look back and see all of the little things they put into place in anticipation of her arrival : ) She's got a pretty swank chandelier in her room, plenty of great books waiting to be read, and cute letters spelling out her name on the wall above the crib.

Ohhhh, there is nothing in the world like a baby. Nothing even close. Nothing as remotely miraculous : )

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