Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Elisa & Peter's Engagement Portraits

Elisa and Peter met me in Hermann Park on an absolutely gorgeous sunny day! Our first mission was to shoot a picture involving Elisa's engagement ring on one of Peter's fishing lures-- and Peter did not disappoint when it came to fishing lure options. He had colorful, sparkly, several great options. Inevitably I went with "sparkly" and it worked out beautifully! I was able to focus on the ring, yet capture the couple off in the distant background of the image. Hooray for success (and blue skies)! It will happily adorn their save-the-date magnets.

We walked around the park for a while, stopping here and there to shoot. The trees along the waterway really capture the light near sunset, so that the foliage provides a nice watercolor-inspired backdrop to sweet couple shots. Gotta love those beautiful golden hues.

Now, Elisa is very pretty with an infectious personality... but my hat's off to Peter. He is clearly not the "frolic in the park and take pictures" kind of guy, but he was a great sport and did well. Hopefully the wedding day will go just as smoothly! This is one of the reasons I love shooting engagement portraits-- it gives me a great opportunity to get to know the couple, and hopefully make them feel more comfortable once the big day arrives.

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