Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Extreme Prints for the Extreme Home! Thank you POUNDS LABS!

Today was all about editing and submitting the giant print order for the lucky family who is getting their new Extreme Home on Thursday! It was a doozie (over 100 prints and enlargements), and I accidentally wiped out the order after I first entered it... but it will be fabulous to see the prints adorning those brand new walls : )

One meeeeeeelion bajillion thanks to John at Pounds Labs in Dallas for his unwavering tech support as I worked with an ordering system I'm not familiar with! He walked me through everything and is fixing anything I err'd on.

To boot, John has arranged for his crack staff of head-swapping gurus to edit one of the whole-family pictures (and this family is huge!) so that everyone's best face is put forward in the final print. This might just make John my favorite person of the day. If you've never done head-swapping edits, let me just tell you that it's pretty doggone time-consuming if you aren't a guru.

Maybe you need a little icing on the cake... and maybe even sprinkles... here goes.

Icing: John stayed late and answered e-mails even after he went home tonight, to make sure that everything went down alright with the order submission.

Sprinkles: Since the crew needs these prints as soon as is humanly possible, once those prints are safely packed away tomorrow, someone from Pounds is going to meet me halfway between here and Dallas to hand them over personally.

All I can say is WOW.

Did I mention Pounds Labs is donating all of their services and materials to this incredible family?

Saying "thanks" just isn't enough! Even a good old Elvis thankyouverymuch seems token.

Great job Pounds, way to step up to the plate!

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