Thursday, January 28, 2010

Adrienne + Javier = Love, Fun, and Celebration!

Adrienne and Javier (both Aggies, WHOOP!) were married at St. Patrick's in Galveston, with a reception following at the historic Hotel Galvez... on a super-chilly, crazy-windy December night! Thank Heaven for warm beautiful indoor spaces in which to celebrate.

Where do I even begin? This wedding was full of love, laughter, tears... dancing, food, fun... and as surprises for the guests, the reception featured a photobooth and a hot dog cart for midnight snacks!

Fun was had by guests of all ages. Early in the evening (before "official" dancing had begun) the dance floor was full of cute kids busting moves (even breakdancing) and spinning to their hearts' delight. As the adults joined in the fun after dinner, you could certainly tell everyone was having a great time! Pete of Pete's Mobile DJ kept the party going until it was time for the newlyweds' Rolls Royce getaway.

One of my favorite pictures of the evening is the older flowergirl patiently awaiting wedding cake. She still had her napkin tucked into the neck of her dress, but she was serious with those arms folded, staring disapprovingly as Adrienne and Javier fed cake to one another and kissed... she was on a mission for cake, and not in the mood to wait! p.s., checkout the adorable custom cake-topper (which remained on the cake table for safety's sake).

The Funky Monkey Photobooth was there to provide old-fashioned photobooth entertainment, complete with all kinds of goofy hats, glasses, and other props. Guests could come and go as they pleased, grabbing different friends and relatives to go into the booth with them through the evening. Our blushing bride donned a pointy witch hat for an instant souvenir print with friends!

The entire event was expertly planned and coordinated by Kelly Balfour of Eventology Weddings, who referred Adrienne and Javier to me. Thanks for another smashing party, Kelly!

Special thanks to my assistant Karen, who was indispensable on this particular evening : ) She really caught some great moments on that dance floor, and worked extra hard to help keep me out of the freezing rain as much as possible with our equipment.

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Kelly Balfour said...

Lovely photos, as always! Adorable couple, to boot!