Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Leah's Dallas Bridals... maybe my favorite ever.

Leah's wedding took place in Dallas, so I traveled up her way to shoot the bridals! We met at the McKinney Cotton Mill, and the rest is history. Leah's simple-fancy-vintage taste was a fantastic with the deconstructed feel of the Mill... and boy believe you me, it's pretty deconstructed in some places! They aren't shy at all about letting you roam all around, even in the parts of the property that are not yet renovated.

Oh and then there are those hot pink shoes... yes ma'am. And her stunning engagement ring (check out the profile! pretttty!). And the incredible veil her mother made. Did I mention that her mother was a really wonderful stand-in photographer's assistant?

Leah had a great sash on her gown that was adorned with a structured snow-flower, perfect for a wintery January celebration! Her grandmother's brooch placed on the bouquet stems reflected the blue-gray light... it's the details, isn't it?

I can't wait to post images from her wedding : )

Thanks to bridesmaid Leslie (Leah's sister and Maid of Honor) for the referral! I was totally happy to go a little out of my way to help capture the family memories.

The bride and her family chose the first image as the large print to display at the reception... absolutely stunning.


Lori Luza - As You Wish photography said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE that location! Great work, Kasey!!!

ME! said...

Thanks Lori! I had heard about it but never actually visited. I wish we had some places in Houston like this that are willing to let the public in.

R and J Studios said...

i wish we had places like this around here too - i got to shoot up there this past sunday - and id drive back in a heartbeat for the cotton mill!