Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Say Hello to my little friend... Riley!

Jeremy and Brandy are dear friends of ours... Jeremy was a groomsman in our wedding, my husband Jack stood in Jeremy's wedding (looking mighty handsome, might I say), I photographed their wedding, and we enjoy visiting with them any time we can make it up to Austin! Gracious host and hostess that they always are, I wanted to be sure to take some great pictures of their recent addition, little Miss Riley.

We visited over July 4 weekend when Brandy was ready for the baby to come any day, but luckily Riley let her mom enjoy the weekend and came into the world shortly after the holiday. At 6 months, she is 100% adorable... she has quite a "Gerber baby" look with that round little face and those precious blue eyes.

We kind of just stuck her in a bumbo seat on the kitchen table and shot in the window light. She's a natural!

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