Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sweet little Joey, 2 years

Joey is one of the babies I've been photographing since before he was born-- I had the privilege of photographing his Mommy's maternity portraits, and was invited back shortly after he was born for a truly beautiful mother-and-child session. As we were buzzing back and forth about all the cute pictures from this session, Joe's mom recalled how happy she was to have had that "lifestyle" session when he was first born... capturing the brand-new intimacy between the two of them. His tiny head in the palm of her hand, the way she looked down at him as he nursed, and all of the little details she had prepared for him in his nursery... even a hand-knitted animal from a dear friend.

It's so hard to believe that two years has passed already, and Joey is becoming a little boy. Walking (err, running), talking, obstinate, snuggly, curious, independent, angelic, handsome, joyful... he is ALL that being two is about.

Since his birth, Joe's family has moved to Fort Worth. I was happy that we were able to arrange for this session at the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens to capture the boy that this precious little guy is growing into! I'm also very happy that his Mommy and I have remained friends across the distance. Thank heaven for modern methods of communication!

While he definitely had his *moments* during this session (hot morning in the great outdoors), he also had some exquisitely precious moments. Enjoy : )

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Lisa said...

he is getting so BIG!
Great pics Kasey!