Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Fallon & JB's Wedding

Congratulations to Fallon & JB!!! Their wedding took place in the Chapel at the Fellowship of the Woodlands, and the reception at the Woodlands Resort and Conference Center.

It was like stepping into a scene from Steel Magnolias listening to this absolutely charming family (from Louisiana) talk all day and night! I really felt like family among them... instantly right at home, very comfortable. I'm so blessed to be able to work with such wonderful people. If only they had a family wedding every weekend, and I could see them over and over again...

The florals were a dazzling mix of purples, maroons, and greens... the bridesmaids were gowned in lilac and lime... the cake adorned with a big purple bow... and the reception venue had mauve up-lighting along the perimeter to give a posh and intimate feel to the party.

Guy and Connie, the parents of the bride, were even gracious enough to stay with me in the church parking lot after Fallon's bridal portrait session-- I had accidentally shut my trunk with the car keys inside, and they waited ever so patiently for AAA to come to my rescue. They still wanted me back for the wedding after that ; )

I can hardly wait to get started on their wedding album!

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A and A Video Productions said...

I love the first pic. Their theme colors are awesome!