Sunday, August 9, 2009

Brand New Madeline... 7 days old.

I recently shot Madeline's Mommy's maternity portraits, and was thrilled to be invited backto their home for her newborn session.

Still new and wrinkly and pink and snuggly, Madeline was bright-eyed and very awake when I arrived! After a few little snacks here and there to relax her, she finally nestled into my favorite baby-backdrop rug and fell into peaceful slumber... ahhhhh.

We took some beautiful first-family-portraits right there in the nursery, and several of the new baby with each parent. Grandma was also there, so we pulled her in for a few shots. Mom looked absolutely amazing, glowing, spectacular; you'd never guess she gave birth seven days ago.

On a personal note, my very, very favorite shot from the session is Madeline's father holding her and looking down, smiling at her. I know they will both cherish that photograph for years to come... and there will literally never be another time when they can have that particular moment, when she will fit into the palms of his hands like that, when he will stare into his future with such anticipation and wonder. It reminds me of a beautiful poem my Dad wrote for me when I was a baby-- noteworthy, as this session took place on the first anniversary of the day my father passed away. I couldn't have asked for more than celebrating new life on that day.

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