Sunday, August 9, 2009

Tracey & Ed's Wedding

You may remember Tracey and Ed from their bright popping colorful engagement portraits!

Their wedding took place on a warm summer evening on the Terrace at Moody Gardens. It was absolutely beautiful, with the ethereal music of a harp and nothing but the sky above them as they took one another's hands in marriage. The reception was full of dear friends, family, and fun! The couple had a table full of wedding portraits of family and friends who had been married for over thirty years (some of them incredible heirloom portraits), and gave guests seashell-handled bottle openers as favors. At the children's table, there were plenty of shimmering copper cupcakes to go around.

Tracey's florals were absolutely stunning-- not over the top tropical, but bright pinks and peaches (and even artichokes in the centerpeices!) were great with her cream/chocolate browns... and of course her gorgeous red hair and clear blue eyes. Also of note-- the cute cake-toppers! Ed's a golfer, folks ; )

Lucky for us, one of Ed's aunts left her pretty orange parasol at the ceremony, so we were able to grab it and use it for some together-pics of Tracey and Ed. The grand staircase reminded me so much of a cruise ship, with the bright evening sun shining in the windows behind it.

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