Friday, August 7, 2009

Three precious sisters...

Courtney, Lindsey, and Chelsie are from Mississippi, but invited me out for a portrait session between a visit to their Grandma's home in West University and a San Antonio Sea World trip! We piled in the car and headed over to the majestic oak-lined path at North Boulevard on a sunny morning that turned into a super-sweaty hot mid-morning... but the girls were great sports about the heat (we tried to keep them in the shade as much as possible, and the fact that they were promised a trip to Target if they were good didn't hurt).

I absolutely LOVE that their mom, Audrey, found these sweet, simple dresses and chose to have them photographed barefoot-- it plays to the innocence of childhood and whimsical nature of the three girls. These images are absolutely timeless! Nothing about them will appear dated or out of style in 20, 40, 50 years, and it wouldn't be a far stretch to imagine they were taken 100 years ago (well, except for maybe the fact that they're in color).

After North Boulevard we shot a few in front of their grandma's house, and a few with their faithful and patient dalmatian, Muddy. They were getting hot and tired, but it made for some really funny shots of who they "really" are-- I like smiles, but sometimes when you get those few pics where the attention has shifted and boredom has set in... they're good as gold and will make you laugh for years to come.

Enjoy the sweet girls... and if you're ever in Hattiesburg, be sure to stop by the Keg & Barrel. It's their dad's place, and I hear the food and microbrew is fantastic!!!

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