Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Some out-takes and behind-the-sceney type stuff

Along with all the serious work-getting-done, there were definitely some fun little moments inbetween... outtakes, tickling, and making one's self the center of attention. Oh and tackling people, let's not leave that out! Here's a little of that...

Grace snatched a camera while I was working on photographing the older boys, and decided to take pictures of ME!

She also jumped in when I was working on Faith and Hope's shots for their bedroom wall, silly little goose.

More wacky hijinx with Grace, she makes everyone feel like acting silly:

Even ME...

Here's Grace's shot of Karen:

A little bit of the family's Marine showing off his feather boa skills...

Jacob telling Grace...something... something that she was not amused about!

Me giving a little love to the sweet babies, Mercy and Jeremiah.

Some of our local news guys... we made friends even though they're Canon shooters ; )

Lastly, the chow wagon. We missed out on lunch, and found one lonely piece of cold pizza (hence my and Karen's decision to move on down the road to Saltgrass after the shoot ended).

1 comment:

Naomi said...

Grace just might have a future in photography...great pic! And I love the picture of you with Mercy and Jeremiah where he has such joy in his sweet face.
Great job!!! Thanks for sharing! This family is so very awesome!