Monday, April 5, 2010

As Seen on TV! Here's my stuff in the Extreme Home...

In case you weren't on a major lookout for my pictures displayed throughout the home (in between nose-blows and tissue-reloads, I was scoping the place for the pictures)... here's a quick summary.

The crew allowed me to go back into the home post-reveal and get some shots for my blog. I was on a serious time crunch (they gave me 20 minutes to do the whole house) but thankful for the opportunity to run through while the camera crews were taking a break!

I'd like to send a shout out, once more, to Pounds Labs... they donated all of these prints! They also printed them with lightning speed, didn't gripe when I was being very "Are they done yet? Are they done yet? Are they done yet?", and drove halfway to Houston because overnighting the prints wouldn't have been fast enough. John Trentacosta was lovely to work with, and Pounds has a really open heart when it comes to contributing to worthy causes.

The upstairs hallway, with a huge family portrait:

Hope and Faith's room... where my work definitely got the most exposure! They plastered an entire wall with the girls' "photobooth" pictures. Karen and I just made them look at one another. The acting goofy and friendly came naturally to them : )

There are also the cute shots of the girls making a heart with their hands; this image was printed several times and hung on both sides of the room. To round it out, the designers placed pics of both girls and of Mom & Dad in the room as well.

Justin & Paul's room was made to feel like the inside of a treehouse, complete with bunk beds and a desk that seems to be mounted on a pulley! I'm hoping they got a chance to visit the Swiss Family Robinson treehouse at Disneyworld. The designers placed the boys' portraits on the wall, a pic of Mom and Dad on the wall, and a nice pic of Mom on their desk.

Mikala's relaxing retreat/spa room (complete with massage table-- she wants to become a massage therapist!), with a great print of Mikala on the bedside shelf:

Chris's amazing music room/bedroom/happy place contained a handsomely framed portrait on the desk.

Cody, Mike, and Jose's shared space (these three don't live at home full-time since they're in college/military) was reeeeeally neat. It was a cool lounge-like hangout, and had pictures of the guys (and a few others) on the bookshelf.

The therapy room was WOW! The muralist really knocked himself/herself out on this space. It was done up to look like a boardwalk carnival atmosphere, with a working Ferris wheel to store toys and supplies. On one wall, there is a gigantic pair of photobooth strips. While shooting the family's portraits, we also had each person do a few goofy faces to incorporate into this little project.

Larry & Melissa's room was a beautifully calm space decorated in beachy aqua, brown, and white. Sepia-toned portraits were used in their room to work with the color scheme and enhance the vintage feel. The designers placed individual portraits on the bedside tables (check out the cool coral lamps!).

Throughout the rest of the master suite were candid portraits of Larry & Melissa together, as well as pictures of the family-- the whole family together, and various prints of individual family members. In the giant walk-in closet, there was a picture of Faith and Hope's cute little hands-making-a-heart again.

In the adorable ducky-themed nursery, there were framed prints of Mom and Dad snuggling the little ones : )

A shelf in the great room housed more family candids:

Last but not least... here's a series of silhouettes that I helped prepare for. It's hanging in the long hallway downstairs, and each family member's name and a short descriptor is written below their silhouette. I didn't make this art, but I participated by taking profile shots of each family member so that the artist would have shapes to work from in creating the grouping. He/she did a beautiful job! It's a wonderful way to incorporate the uniqueness of each family member into one eye-catching piece of art. My favorite caption was Faith's... "Chicken Whisperer".


Kasey said...

this is really really really amazing. what a wonderful thing to be a part of, i watched this epsisode and cried. (per usual) but seriously. so amazing. great work!

Natalie said...

LOVE IT ALL!!! Beautiful work!!

Jared and Trish said...

Awesome Kasey! Your work looks beautiful and I'm sure that family will treasure it rock! Big shout out from Vegas baby! Trish n Jared

Sissy Hankshaw said...

Kasey, How wonderful. I'm teary just looking at these. You are awesome and I'm glad you were a part of this!

Janelle said...

Getting teary eyed again. Beautiful work! I love the photostrip in the therapy room and the full wall in the girls room, but I do love it all. I caught most of your work while watching and thought it was truly amazing. The family will definitely cherish all the pictures forever, especially the ones of their little Mercy, what a doll.

Carol said...

I am so glad you posted this series of posting about the Beach family. It took a while, but I finally sat down and watched the show today and then came to look at your photos now that I know what the end resulting house is.

What a special opportunity to be part of truly changing their lives.