Sunday, April 4, 2010

Some cool stuff they didn't show on TV... Kimbra Studios Jewelry

When I was in the house taking pics of the family, I noticed that I had a Kimbra Studios brochure stuck in my camera bag. I pulled it out and handed it to my liaison, asking if she thought they might like to see about getting some gifts made for the family. She was oo'ing and aww'ing over all the cute stuff in the brochure, so I contacted the company and they were happy to donate some products to the family.

Kimbra Studios makes really cool, modern, beautiful photo jewelry pieces (and belt buckles, and ornaments, and other fabulous little things). They're all sterling silver, waterproof, really wearable pieces. I have a personal piece-- a ring that I wear on a regular basis-- with a picture of the first flowers my husband ever sent me. It sure beats having dead flowers hanging around the house, and it's really interesting... people will ask me about my ring and I can tell them about my flowers!

They happily worked turbo-speed to get the pieces done, and overnighted to me in time for the reveal. They included several pieces; two charm bracelets, a couple of pendants on chains, and a really neat light sconce with the family's group photo on it!

I was running on very little sleep and even less time that week, so I didn't have time to set the pieces up for super-snazzy product-photography type shots, so what you get is my not-so-fancy window sill and table : )

Thanks SO MUCH, Kimbra Studios for your hard work! I am sure that the family treasures their gifts.

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