Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Puppies Galore... every one of them adorable!

Here are the actual portraits of doggies who attended the "Who's Your Doggy?" fundraiser for the Texas Hearing and Service Dogs : ) We had all kinds of guests... everyone from chihuhuas to mastiffs joined in the fun.

For more info about this event, simply visit the previous blog post. For now, check out the beautiful bow-wow's!

I shot outdoors, natural light, on The Lot's patio in front of the big Texas flag on a beauuuuutiful afternoon. I was so excited that I got to use one of my 1940's deco chairs for the pups, it worked perfectly with the bright red in the background from the flag.

In case you're wondering, why YES, I do shoot dog portrait sessions! They're pretty much like all my other portrait sessions-- not crazy-posey, not too many excessive props or backdrop scenes. I can come to your home or favorite locale to shoot, or we can shoot in-studio if your pup is friendly and not too "energetic", if ya know what I mean ; ) Just contact me via the website or by posting a comment on the blog, and I'll be happy to provide more details.


Naomi said...

Oh my goodness Kasey these are too cute for words!!! Great job!!!

ME! said...

heheheeee, thank you! the day would only have been better had my little Freddy been able to attend... but alas, that might have been difficult with no Freddy-wrangler. man i love me some doggies.

Unknown said...

These are incredible! I will be in contact you for a session. I have 3 large dogs. We have photos from our e-session, but I absolutely adore these!!!

Lawfrog said...

LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!! Must get Peanut in for a session ASAP. Too cute.