Friday, April 2, 2010

Brenna's Baby Portraits

Brenna is four months old and full of wide-eyed, belly-laughing joy! Her Mommy and Daddy brought her to the studio for some baby portraits, and she was mostly in good spirits and very cooperative... it didn't hurt that Brenna seems to think her Daddy is super-funny. I did manage to get one super-fusspot pic of her; even the easy perfect babies have their moments in a new place, being asked to look perfect for a whole hour. I have a feeling it'll make you smile a little. You might feel bad about, but go ahead and laugh. She was fine within about 2 milliseconds ; ) If the fusspot picture bothers you, surely the teacup picture will bring you back to a happy place.

Mommy brought along some pearls, cute hats, and a great embroidered blanket to incorporate into Brenna's images. I was excited to get to use my pretty new pink and green knit hat... The hats and pearls were so classic looking that I decided to play around a little with some hand-coloring on a few of the images (toward the end of the blog) to give them a vintage feel.

Brenna's parents did a fantastic job of entertaining her while I shot. Be sure to let them know how adorable their little princess is! Leave a comment : )


SueEllen said...


You have such amazing talent. One day I'm going to get my sister and niece down here and can only pray you're available for a photo shoot when I do.

Janelle said...

Beautiful! I love the one where she is kicking back laughing with her name on the blanket. You have such a wonderful talent!