Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Proposal

Jameson contacted me a couple of days before he planned to propose marriage to his girlfriend Nassrine... he wanted to capture the moment of surprise.

I was totally up for this, even though I had a crazy stressful week with my mom having major surgery and whatnot-- his timing was fantastic, since he planned to propose in Hermann Park on a tree-lined path at around the time I would be leaving MD Anderson to go back home that day. I figured hey, why not? I LOVE love, proposals are always exciting, and this is an excellent opportunity to capture something for a couple whose lives are about to change! This is the part I always get to hear about from my couples, but never get to see.

We ironed out the details, sent undercover texts to one another to coordinate, and then as the moment grew nearer, even I started getting a little nervous. There was no one else along the path (good thing, since I had never met the couple before and just had a few of pictures to recognize them from) so I was left to the task of not looking too obvious with my professional camera and giant zoom lens. It's not the most inconspicuous piece of equipment ever, so I decided to play the eccentric and be REALLY interested in one particular tree... which worked because Nassrine suspected nothing.

As they passed by me on the trail, tension rose, and I turned around just waiting for the moment when he'd turn toward her... waiting... waiting... shazam! It happened and I could tell she was completely taken aback. I'm not gonna lie, I cried a little. They were both so very happy, and she alternated between kissing/hugging him and looking at the ring on her hand.

After giving them enough time for commentary and having their "moment", I walked up, congratulated them, and explained that Jameson had hired me to capture the proposal. I didn't get the entire story, but I'm pretty sure that prior to the engagement Jameson had flown to San Diego to ask for Nassrine's hand in marriage-- where he was welcomed with open arms and a steak dinner. He'd been in communication with her family and asking them all to keep it a secret until he could propose. I can only imagine all the crazy happy phone-calling that happened later that day! I even got a jubilant hug goodbye from her.

I'm so glad I got the chance to do this... it's really fun to be around when the happiness begins, and see the turning point for a couple on the road toward something as wonderful as a great marriage. It made me kind of sappy and weepy on the way home (of course that could have been lack of sleep from having spent the night in a hospital chair), recalling my own proposal and thinking of how it must have been for my husband Jack to have been preparing in secrecy to ask me to be his wife. It still kind of gives me chills to think about someone preparing something so special all just for me!

I'll end the rambling Russian Novel now, and share the pictures with you : ) Congratulations Jameson and Nassrine!

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Sabrina Bowen said...

What a cool thing to get the chance to do!!! How fun! Great shots as well! :)