Monday, February 15, 2010

Did you get engaged this weekend? I did!

Well, 6 years ago this weekend, I did : )

I'm a little nostalgic when it comes to Valentine's Day, especially since it marks the anniversary of the day my husband proposed to me. I could have loved Christmas or New Year's Eve or even President's Day just as much... don't get me wrong... but he picked a day all about love, hearts, candy, cute froofy pink things, and sweetness. It really couldn't have been more perfect if I'd planned it out myself!

Well, except I wouldn't have planned for him to leave for Japan the following day... but that did give me plenty of guilt-free wedding magazine browsing times with my mom, aunts, and sister. So much fun!

So to all of you who have recently gotten engaged, CONGRATULATIONS! In honor of the crazy fabulous romantic spirit, I'd like to offer each of you a $500 album or print credit when you schedule a consultation any time in the month of February or March. You don't have to book with me right away-- I realize that it takes time to get your date set, your venues chosen, etc. Just schedule a consultation between now and March 31, and whenever you decide to book, we'll add that $500 credit to your contract (this offer is for those booking a full wedding-- not valid for portrait sessions).

In the mean time...

Enjoy scouring the bridal magazines, showing off that shiny new ring, trying on gowns, asking your bridesmaids, picking your colors, dreaming up an incredible honeymoon, and just being engaged!

Here's a pic of me and my sweet Jack on our Valentine's date the day he proposed (he'd proposed earlier at home). Aww, look how cute we were : )

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