Friday, February 5, 2010

Baby Vincent, 4 weeks old

A long time ago (okay, a few years back) Laura and I began our business relationship. I wasn't able to shoot her wedding, but did shoot her gorgeous bridal portraits. I got to see her again last year when her close friend Marci got married (I was available to shoot this time), and then again when she came in for infant portraits of her precious 4 week old son, Vincent. We enjoyed talking about mutual friends, since Laura works at Texas Children's Hospital. I spent a great deal of time there during my college internship and during the beginning of my post-college career... it's definitely a small world.

Mommy and Daddy were both absolutely beaming, and Vincent was pretty chilled out for us the entire session! He refused to sleep, but did lots of wide-eyed-wondering-- which photographs beautifully. Holy cow, this is one cute littleguy. Some of my favorite shots from the session are Mommy and Daddy holding/talking to Vincent... there's nothing like the joy in a parent's face when they're looking into their newborn's eyes. It's love, simple as that. I also love that you can see V's little toes and tummy in those images. Nothing like a baby! Nothing in the world.

Enjoy the little miracle : ) Leave a comment for Mom and Dad if you'd like!

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