Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Leah & Camron, Part 1: The People!

These are the "not the couple", "not the details", good old people of Leah and Cam's wedding... the nerves, the joy, the tears, the jubilance : ) Referred to me by her sister Leslie, Leah is a Dallas bride... so I traveled up there for the wedding.

Chilly! They were married on January 2 (I'll blog separately for their couple shots and details... it's too much to fit into just one).

There were lots of sisters, cousins, aunts and friends fussing over Leah while she got ready in the bride-room at the Hickory Street Annex! Once she was all dressed and primped, the ladies headed over to Cathedral Shrine of the Virgin Guadalupe downtown for the ceremony... and what a beautiful cathedral it is. We were surrounded by grandeur and antique stained glass, but wait, there's more. Since it was still the Christmas season, there were brilliant red poinsettias all around the church, and a giant manger scene off to one side of the altar. The ceremony was absolutely wonderful as the sunlight filled the quiet space.

Upon our return to Hickory Street Annex for the evening reception, the sun was setting as the newlyweds made their entrance into the party from the old freight elevator shaft. There was delicious dinner, heartfelt toasting and dancing all night long! Leah and Camron escaped to the getaway car through an arc of sparklers at the end of the night.

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