Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Caron's Maternity Portraits

I actually met Caron's husband Michael before I met Caron... he had contacted me about making a beautiful album for their wedding pictures, in hopes of surprising Caron. That all worked out pretty well!

Caron sent me an e-mail, and I was hoping hoping hoping that when I opened it up, it would be news of a baby on the way. It was : )

We shot outdoors on an absolutely perfect day at Walter Hall Park in League City, then went down to the studio for some indoor shots that really showed off the beautiful belly. The couple hasn't found out whether they'll have a girl or a boy, it's going to be a surprise... heheheh! Hopefully I'll get to meet the little one soon after Caron delivers. With relatives in Canada and Australia, we'll need a gallery full of cuteness to show off around the world!

Here's the couple, with Caron just glowing and beautiful.

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