Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Fun with Jayme

Well, my friend Jayme needed some publicity-type shots for various reasons. While fashion/this stuff is not really my main water source (so to speak), it is indeed a fine cup of tea... and Jayme is certainly great company. I knew this would be fun and frisky no matter what, so why not? Who are we if we refuse to grow and try new things? BORING! That's who.

We had a ball! We started out in the old warehousey part of Downtown by Last Concert Cafe (and found a lovely washed-up-GEAUX-SAINTS minivan)... and made our way over to Winter Street Studios in the Heights to see if we could find a train. We ended up back at Jayme's for our final shots (love love love her turquoise wall and cute settee!) and that was that.

While we're talking about Jayme, I'd like to throw this out there: She's a founding (and might I mention super-hard-working) member of Charity Chicks Houston... I'm a member too, and would like to encourage anyone with a little extra time on their hands and room in their heart to check out the CCH website. It's a fantastic organization! You can find ways to use your talents-- whatever they are-- to help organizations in our area who are in need.

For an interesting little trip around a website, check out another of Jayme's projects, Road Show Blondes (benefiting the JED Foundation).

She's got a spirit that won't quit. You will undoubtedly be seeing big things from this little bitty lady, folks. That pretty isn't just on the outside.

That first sort of blurry pic is of her adorable alleged Chihuahua, Denali. Lovingly referred to as "luscious Denali" by me... I mean, that's one cute hunk-o-dog!


Shelley Richard said...

Great pics!! I had to comment because I have seen that Saints van driving around Montrose- quite a piece of artwork!

Anonymous said...

She's my cousin, and she is beautiful...inside and out, just like you said. These are fantastic pictures! Thank you for sharing them. Love you Jayme! ~Jenn & Emma