Monday, March 8, 2010

Susan & Buddy, The Ceremony

Susan and Buddy were married at St. Luke's Methodist Church with a reception following at The Parador. This was a familiar crowd for me, as I'd shot the bride's niece and nephews before... as well as her sister Marianne and the wedding of Marcie & Ed (at which Susan and Buddy were members of the wedding party). I even got to see Ashley, one of my brides who was married a couple of years ago! It was great : )

This was one of those ceremonies that just makes you so happy and before you know it... you're scavenging the choir loft for a tissue. The officiant read letters that Susan and Buddy had written to/for one another, and I'd be surprised if there was a dry eye in the church. Before we began formal portraits, Susan's nephews and niece ran into the sanctuary and couldn't WAIT to hug their new Uncle Buddy! The reception will come in blog-part-2 due to the gratuitous cake-smashing pics I feel the need to post ; )

Congratulations Susan & Buddy : )

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