Thursday, June 3, 2010

Three Pretty Little Ladies on the Island

Ella, Mallie Jaymes, and Delaney were ready to rumble when I arrived at their beautiful home in the Evia development in Galveston! Dressed in white linen, they looked absolutely beautiful against the pale beachy hues that their Mommy had chosen to decorate with.

We began with some pictures in new baby sister Delaney's nursery, where there was a big comfy chair that all three girls fit into. Ella was a champ and a trooper throughout the entire session, being quite helpful and so patient with her little sisters. Mallie was a little bit shy, but I'm used to that with my sweet little clients in that "I'm about two years old" zone... they tend to love hiding behind Mommy, and do not relish when Mommy's attention is elsewhere! Mallie wouldn't leave Mommy's side when it was time to do Delaney's infant portraits, and she enjoyed kissing the baby's feet and "helping" Mommy... and just loving on Delaney in general. This made for some very sweet candid shots : )

The girls' sweet grandmother Nonny took over with Delaney, and we took Ella and Mallie Jaymes out to the family's gorgeous wrap-around front porch for some fun pictures blowing bubbles and having lollipops! Ella finally let her guard down and I got some absolutely beautiful unsolicited smiles. Mallie enjoyed eating the bubbles, so as you may imagine... lollipop time was sheer concentration for her. It was bright on the front porch, so we made our way to the back screened porch where the girls sat in their brightly colored kid-size Adirondack chairs-- and Mommy joined them for a little lollipop time.

Now... you never hope for a child to cry, or enjoy it... but you can't help but crack a smile when an adorable child with a giant lollipop has a quick little meltdown. Mommy went into the house to grab the girls' swimsuits (wash off that sticky in the pool!), and Mallie was not amused at being left outside without her. Ella was, though, because Mallie was pretty funny sitting there crying those crocodile tears with giant candy in hand!

Delaney had found her happy place, so I headed upstairs to take some happy-baby portraits while the older sisters got into their suits and began to swim. I'm so thankful that Mommy had arranged for Nonny to be there that day, she was absolutely wonderful helping us to juggle the little ladies.

I couldn't resist snapping a few quick shots of the girls playing in the pool... Ella is a fantastic run-and-jumper!

Thanks to Hayley Hardcastle for the referral! Hayley does some amazing design work... logos, holiday cards, wedding and event invitations.. be sure to check out her website. These pictures will soon be featured on the family's new address & new baby announcement, designed by Hayley of course.

If you're ever on the west end of Galveston (near the golf course, off 99th Street) be sure to stop by the Sugar Bean for coffee, tea, smoothies, beer and wine (and Wi-Fi!). It's located at 11 Evia Main, and is run by none other than Ella, Mallie, and Delaney's fabulous Mommy, Jocelyn.

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naomi said...

Cutie patootie girls. Gorgeous shots as always but I sure do LOVE that meltdown shot!!!