Monday, June 7, 2010

A Sweet Little Family : )

Leigha and her husband of five years, Mike, will be renewing their vows over July 4 weekend, and in lieu of Engagement Portraits in her wedding package, Leigha opted to do some family portraits (including her two precious sons Gavin and Nate) with a few engagement-esque shots on the side. It worked out great! After a couple of reschedules due to busy family life and unpredictable Houston weather, we finally made it out to Challenger 7 Memorial Park on a nice day for the shoot. Nate, the little blond guy, kind of wanted to have nothing to do with me at first, but Gavin was a champ/ham and eventually little stubborn Nate came out of his shell... good thing because man, these little guys are stinkin' CUTE.

At one point I told Nate we only had to take one more picture. He looked at me like "Lady you are WRONG!" and said, "But Mommy said we are taking pictures in our sunglasses." Once Nate put on those sunglasses, he was Mr. Cool and posing for me non-stop (even when I wasn't asking him to pose).

We were able to get several really great family group shots, and of course we worked in the couple shots at the end. Luckily Leigha had brought along her friend Georgia for kid-wrangling once it was time to shift attention to just Mom and Dad (Georgia helped out with Leigha's Bridals as well... but we can't show you those until after the big day!).

It's hard to really pick a favorite from this shoot! If I had to, I'd say it's the shot of the family walking down the big path with the sun behind them. Those boys won't stay little for long, but they'll always have that sweet picture to cherish.

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Jessica Davis said...

Beautiful family! :-)