Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Little Miss Maggie, 2 weeks old

I shot Samantha & Chad's wedding last July, and when they stopped by my open house in October and let me know they were expecting a baby, I was thrilled to hear the news! These two are so sweet, so very honest, and so very in love. It's enchanting to be around them... but even moreso when they're both staring at their newborn daughter.

Chad contacted me to arrange for a surprise session for Sam-- I gave her a call when I was in Galveston (to give her the news of her gift) and told her I could come that day or the next. No big surprise, although she was overjoyed she opted for the next day... so she could be ready. I had offered to come back one evening when Chad could be there so we could get some family shots, but he was able to be there when I arrived for the shoot. LUCKY ME! I got all three of them : )

Like most newborns, Maggie was wholly uncooperative for the first 30 minutes or so. She was awake, crying, hungry, squawky, and all-around not into it... unless she was being held near her Mommy or Daddy's face. We took advantage of this and got some absolutely breathtaking candids. There's one where Sam is holding Maggie up to her face, eyes closed, and it just looks like she's breathing her in. You can almost feel that swelling of pride in Sam's chest, knowing she's holding her perfect little angel right there in her arms. It's a true portrait of a mother's beautiful, happy, miraculous place in the world.

After about 30 minutes, Maggie fell asleep, became much more pliable, and let us put hats on her. Chad evidently bought the little guitar hat, and when they found out they were having a girl, Sam's mom sewed a little pink bow on for her (Chad's a guitarist). We took a pic in the cute little owl hat, since the family's last name is Hooten.

There was just so much emotion flying around this room. I had an absolute blast shooting this session! Thinking back to our first meeting at a coffee shop when they were engaged (when I knew I'd like them because they hired me, wrote a check right there, and said they totally trusted me to do a great job and had no worries... can we say IDEAL clients?), to Sam's bridal portrait session where she showed off her flashy purple shoes... to all of the beautiful moments at the wedding and the utter happiness that flowed through their fingertips as they touched one another during the first dance... to the smiles when they told me they were having a baby...

...and there I was, looking at them both having become parents to this beautiful little girl.

I absolutely, undoubtedly love my job. More than that, I love the people I am blessed to have come in contact with, and built friendships with.

Welcome, dear sweet Maggie! I'm so excited to be a part of your life already. Your parents are really special people, you are one lucky little girl : )

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