Tuesday, July 14, 2009

LaTrice & Dan: The Wedding, Part 1...

LaTrice and Dan endured many trials and tribulations, many miles of physical separation before finally reaching their day of celebration. Among other things, the groom was deployed on the other side of the world, while the bride made (and re-made, after a nightmare snafu on behalf of her first venue) wedding plans in Houston and feathered their new nest in Savannah, Georgia.

The day arrived, and everyone was ready for the beautiful lawn ceremony at Northgate Country Club. Only, it rained. Dark clouds loomed overhead and drove golfers into the clubhouse. Not to be hindered in making the day a positive, beautiful experience for all... the couple decided along with their coordinator, Samantha Darr of SoireeBliss!, that the ceremony would instead be held under the well-appointed carport at the Club.

The bride and groom spent a little time together pre-ceremony, for some private portraits and a little calm-before-the-storm face to face time. We arranged for a "reveal" moment, where they would see one another for the first time that day.

I couldn't get over the strength and love that passed between the eyes of these two people, or the way I felt as I watched them hold hands almost the entire time... like perhaps I take for granted the fact that I can hold my husband's hand almost every day if I want to... but there are many days when LaTrice can't because Dan's a zillion miles away (I gripe when Jack has to go to Dallas for a couple of days, gosh). I very much cherish the images of the two of them holding hands, illustrating the power of touch and the nature of people together in love. I'd say these two will be hand-holdy their whole lives long, and when they're 90 you'll be able to snap the same picture of them sitting close, holding hands, and giggling at one another.

On this Memorial Day Weekend, it sent chills down my spine to hear the low chanting voices of the soldiers as they marched in to stand for Dan... these men taking time away from war and peacekeeping in a far off country in order to be present for the loving ceremony of one of their dearest friends.

The light beaming from the faces of the bride and groom as she entered the ceremony was enough to part the clouds and bring forth the sun... not a drop of rain for the rest of the sunny evening!

Vows were exchanged, and they exited under an arch of sabres and in ceremonial tradition, were stopped at the end of the line for a mandatory kiss before they passed. There was much hugging, maybe a few tears, and many congratulations.

During the formal group portraits, LaTrice asked everyone to jump in the air as high as they could, and the entire wedding party obliged! HILARIOUS! These people can really jump, too... check out the bride in mid-air!!!

There were so many images I wanted to share form this wedding, so I've split the blog into two parts. Following these images is part two!

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Lawfrog said...

WOW! Kasey, I can honestly say that this is some of your best work I've seen in this blog. You always do amazing work, but these just have something special about them. BEAUTIFUL!!